Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crazy Aprons

Another idea that we couldn't wait to tackle. OK, Rachel could wait. Jenni could not. She whipped out a super adorable ruffle apron in a day. (Show off)

We started without a pattern, or a clue. We learned as we went, and figured out exactly what we wanted as the project went on. What kind of ties, pockets, the width, length. It was a lot of fun. It was a 2 day project that went on for 2 weeks. Finding the time in between schedules and kids, and other projects was hard. But we finished our first apron and we were very excited!!!

Check it out. We are very proud!

Reversible apron with pockets on both sides!

Our first CRAZY project

Our first project started with a little hair brained idea. Corn bags.

A few months ago, we brought out our never-before-used sewing machines to figure out how they worked. Rachel's got put away and Jenni's saw a brief use, twice. We had talked about being crafty, but nothing ever came of it.

Christmas was coming and Rachel wanted to make Corn heating bags for gifts. She bought corn first. 50 pounds! What? Yes, 50. It was cheaper to buy a 50lb bag, then to buy 3 10lbs bags. Then came the fabric purchases. She bought muslin. She didn't know how much to get, so she got 6 yards. What? Yes, 6 yards. And then, the figuring out of what the heck we were doing. Once we started we realized that it wasn't that hard after all.

It was fun. Chaotic. Just Plain Crazy.

We ended up making 20 bags! It was a great time and we ended up making a beautiful, useful and well made gift for a great price.